CORE Generator
Creating a New Project
Use this procedure to create a new CORE Generator™ project.  When a new project is created the IP displayed in the CORE Generator main window are the latest versions of the IP.
To Create a New Project
  1.  Select File > New Project , or click the New Project toolbar button Image.
  2.  In the New Project dialog box, do the following:
    1.  Enter a name and location for the CORE Generator project to navigate to the project directory using the Browse for Folder dialog box.
    2.  Click Save.
  3.  Select options for your project in the three panels of the dialog box.
Once the procedure is completed, the CORE Generator System initializes the new project. This initialization may take several seconds. A project_name.cgp file is written to the new project directory.
The IP Catalog window displays the available IP for the architecture you specified when you created the project.
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