CORE Generator
Specifying the Output Files
Use this procedure to specify the output files that are produced when IP is generated within the current project. When you change the output files, all IP generated afterwards produce the specified output files.
To Specify the Output Files Generated IP Produce
  1.  Select Project > Project Options, or click the Project Options toolbar button Image.
  2.  In the Generation Panel of the Project Options dialog box, specify the output files to be produced when IP is generated.
  3.  Click OK.
    For project options to apply the next time the project is opened, the project must be saved before it is closed. An asterisk (*) in the title bar indicates that project options have changed and the project must be saved for the options to persist.
Once the procedure is completed, the output file options you specified are applied to the current project. Any IP generated afterwards produce the specified files, and these settings remain with the project when you save the project.
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