CORE Generator
Starting the CORE Generator within Xilinx ISE
If you have added an IP core to an ISE® project, you can then open the CORE Generator™ window from within the ISE Project Navigator.
A number of CORE Generator software operations can be performed within Project Navigator without opening the CORE Generator window. See Performing CORE Generator Operations in ISE.
To Open the CORE Generator Window from within Xilinx ISE
  1.  In the ISE Project Navigator, select an IP core name in the Sources window.
  2.  Click the + icon next to the CORE Generator process in the Processes window.
    The Manage Cores process shows in the Processes window.
  3.  Double-click Manage Cores.
Once the procedure is completed, the CORE Generator window opens. The window displays the cores included in the current ISE project.
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