CORE Generator
CORE Generator Command Line
Command Line Options
The table below lists the options to the CORE Generator™ command.
-b <command_file_name>Invokes the CORE Generator in batch mode and executes the commands in the specified command file during the batch mode run. The command_file_name argument specifies the path to the command file to be executed. XCO files are commonly specified as the argument to the -b option, but you can specify any file containing valid CORE Generator commands.
Note Running CORE Generator in Batch Mode is actually a non-display mode.
-f <options_file_name>Reads command line arguments from an options file. This is useful if you frequently use the same arguments each time you enter the coregen command or if the command line becomes too long.
-p <project_path>Specifies the CORE Generator project directory. The project_path argument is the path to the desired CORE Generator project. This path can be specified relative to the CORE Generator startup directory.
-q <polling_dir_path>This is an option for third party tools that call the CORE Generator System in polling mode. Do not use in batch mode. The polling_dir_path supplied is the path to the polling directory in which the polling mode communication files are written.
-hDisplays the CORE Generator command line help and version information.
-dInvokes CORE Generator software in debug mode. Directs the CORE Generator system to generate additional runtime messages.
–u<version number>This option allows you to convert the XCO file identified using the –b flag, to describe generation of the desired version of it’s IP. If no version number is supplied, the XCO file is converted to describe generation of the latest version of its specified IP.
Note  The upgrade does not automatically result in a regeneration; this must be specified by the simultaneous use of the –r flag. The existing output products are removed to a backup location, to avoid confusion over the version of IP applying to those outputs.
-rThis option allows you to regenerate the IP described within the XCO file identified using the –b flag, according to the project options identified using the –p flag.
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