Adding a Copy of a Source File to a Project
Project Navigator allows you to copy a source file from a remote directory to your project directory and then, add it to your project as follows.
Note If you want to leave the source file in the remote directory and add it to your project, see Adding a Source File to a Project.
To Add a Copy of a Source File to a Project
  1.  Select Project > Add Copy of Source, or click the Add File Copy toolbar button Image.
  2.  In the Add Copy of Source dialog box, browse to the source file and select it.
  3.  Click Open.
  4.  In the Adding Source Files dialog box, select the Design View in which you want the source file to appear. Image
    Note If you want to change the Design View association after the source file has been added, select the source file in the Sources pane, and then select Source > Source Properties.
  5.  Click OK.
The copy of the source file is placed in the project directory and is added to your project. The file appears as part of the design hierarchy in the Sources pane of the Design panel. The file also appears in the Files panel, which provides a list view of all sources in your project.
If the source file you added refers to files that have not been added to the project, the file names appear in the design hierarchy as undefined files Image. You must add the referenced files to the project for the ISE® software to track changes to the files.
Note Some support files are automatically copied to the project directory when you copy the source file. CORE Generator™ IP and related files, including wrapper and symbol files, are automatically copied to the ipcore_dir subdirectory in the project directory.

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