Adding a Source File to a Project
Project Navigator allows you to add an existing source file to a project. The source file can reside in the project directory or in a remote directory. You can add a source file as follows.
Note If you want to copy a source file from a remote directory to your project directory and add it to your project, use the Add Copy of Source command instead, as described in Adding a Copy of a Source File to a Project.
To Add a Source File to a Project
  1.  Select Project > Add Source, or click the Add File toolbar button Image.
  2.  In the Add Source dialog box, browse to the source file and select it.
  3.  Click Open.
  4.  In the Adding Source Files dialog box, do the following:
    •  In the Association field, select the Design View in which you want the source file to appear. For more information on Design Views, see Using the Design Views. You can change the Design View association after the source file has been added, as described in Changing Source Properties.
      Note For simulation source files, including test benches, you must ensure that the associated Design View is set to a Simulation view. Project Navigator automatically selects the Design View association for simulation source files and test benches based on the source file name. For more information, including how to customize this automatic selection, see Test Benches.
    •  In the Library column, select a library from the drop-down list, or select New VHDL Library to create a VHDL library.
  5.  Click OK.
The source file is added to your project, and the file appears in the Hierarchy pane of the Design panel. By default, source files are parsed when they are added to the project and are displayed hierarchically. The compile order sent to synthesis is automatically determined based on the hierarchy of the source files. If you want to disable the automatic hierarchy parsing, either to improve the speed of adding files to the project or to override the synthesis compile order, you can use the Manual Compile Order menu command, as described in Setting a Custom Compile Order. The file also appears in the Files panel, which provides a sortable list view of all sources in your project.
If the source file you added refers to files that have not been added to the project, the file names appear in the design hierarchy as undefined files Image. You must add the referenced files to the project for the ISE® software to track changes to the files.
Note EDIF and NGC macros files should not be added to a top-level schematic or HDL project. However, EDIF and NGC files that are instantiated in the design must be included in the project directory or in the macro search path. For details about the macro search path, see Translate Properties.

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