Creating a Source File
Project Navigator provides a wizard to help you create new source files for your project as follows.
To Create a Source File
  1.  Select Project > New Source, or click the New Source toolbar button Image.
  2.  In the New Source Wizard, select the type of source you want to create.
    Different source types are available depending on your design properties (top-level module type, target device, and synthesis tool). Some source types launch additional tools to help you create the file, as described in Source File Types.
  3.  Enter a name for the new source file in the File Name field. Follow the naming conventions described in Naming Conventions.
  4.  In the Location field, enter the directory name or browse to the directory.
  5.  Select Add to Project to automatically add this source to the project.
  6.  Click Next.
  7.  If you are creating a source file that needs to be associated with an existing source file, select the appropriate source file, and click Next. If this does not apply, skip to the next step.
  8.  In the New Source Wizard - Summary window, verify the information for the new source, and click Finish.
After you click Finish, the New Source wizard closes. In some cases, a related tool is launched in which you can finish creating your file. If you selected Add to Project when creating the source file, the file is automatically added to the project and appears in the Hierarchy pane of the Design panel.
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