Removing Files from a Project
You can remove files from a project that you no longer need. The file is removed from the project, but is not deleted from your disk.
To Remove a Source File from a Project
  1.  In the Design panel, select a Design View from the drop-down list. Image
  2.  In the Hierarchy pane, select the file to remove.
  3.  Do any of the following:
    •  Select Source > Remove.
    •  Click the Remove Source toolbar button Image.
    •  Press the Delete key on the keyboard.
  4.  In the Confirm Remove dialog box, click Yes to remove the file from your project.
  5. Note Optionally, you can press Shift or Ctrl to select and delete multiple files. When selecting multiple files, the entire hierarchy of the selected files must be visible to perform an action on the selected files.
The file is removed from your project. Removing a source file may alter the status for certain processes in the Processes pane. You may need to rerun certain processes to bring the project up-to-date, as described in Running and Stopping Processes.

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