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Generating System ACE Files
You can use the generated System ACE™ file to configure the FPGA, initialize block RAM, initialize external memory with valid program or data, and boot up the processor in a production system.
The Xilinx® EDK provides a Tcl script, genace.tcl, which uses Xilinx Microprocessor Debugger (XMD) commands to generate ACE files. ACE files can be generated for PowerPC® and MicroBlaze™ processors with Microprocessor Debug Module (MDM) systems.
For proper generation of System ACE files, you should:
  •  Be familiar with debugging programs using XMD and be familiar with XMD commands
  •  Be familiar with general hardware and software system models in EDK
  •  Have a basic understanding of Tcl scripts
Generating an ACE file requires the following tools:
  •  genace.tcl
  •  XMD
  •  iMPACT, part of Xilinx ISE®
For information about how to generate a System ACE file, refer to Generating a System ACE File.
See also the "Generating a System ACE File" chapter of the Embedded System Tools Reference Manual
The next step is Using the GenACE Script.
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