Analyzing Post-Place and Route Static Timing
You can open the static timing report and the NCD file for further timing analysis in Timing Analyzer. If a placed and routed design has met all of your timing constraints, then you can proceed by creating configuration data. However, if you identify problems in the timing reports, you can also redesign the logic paths to use fewer levels of logic, tag the paths for a specialized routing resources, move to a faster device, or allocate more time for the paths.
To Analyze Post-Place & Route Static Timing
  1.  In the Design panel, select Implementation from the Design View drop-down list. Image
  2.  In the Hierarchy pane, select the top module Image.
  3.  In the Processes pane, expand Implement Design, and expand Place & Route.
  4.  Right-click Generate Post-Place & Route Static Timing, and select Process Properties. Make the appropriate selections for the report details in the Post-Place & Route Static Timing Report Properties.
  5.  Expand Generate Post-Place & Route Static Timing, and double-click the Analyze Post-Place & Route Static Timing process.
The static timing report (TWX file) and NCD file opens in Timing Analyzer.
Note For more information on using Timing Analyzer, see the Timing Analyzer Help. In the Help Viewer, click the Synchronize TOC button Image to view all related Help topics.

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