Managing Cores
When you run the Manage Cores process, the CORE Generator™ software opens with the cores for the current project listed in the Generated IP window. In the CORE Generator software, you can do the following:
  •  Recustomize the cores for a different purpose.
  •  Verify and change the project settings associated with the cores, such as the target device.
  •  Regenerate the cores with the original settings or with modified project settings.
After making changes to the cores and regenerating them, exit the CORE Generator software to continue with the ISE® design flow.
To Manage Cores
  1.  In the Design panel, select Implementation from the Design View drop-down list. Image
  2.  In the Hierarchy pane, select a CORE Generator IP core source file (.xco extension).
  3.  In the Processes pane, expand CORE Generator.
  4.  Double-click Manage Cores.
The CORE Generator software opens, which allows you to do the following:
Note For more information on the CORE Generator software, see the CORE Generator Help. In the Help Viewer, click the Synchronize TOC button Image to view all related Help topics.
After running this process, you can perform any of the following:
  •  Synthesize the design. Image
  •  Implement the design. Image

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