Regenerating a Core
CORE Generator™ cores are optimized to the project settings and target device. If you modify project settings in Project Navigator, you may need to regenerate the cores in your project to recreate or update the implementation netlists. This helps to avoid potential implementation errors.
Note Some cores are only supported for certain devices. If a core is not supported for the device you are targeting, the software issues an error message.
To Regenerate a Core
  1.  In the Design panel, select Implementation from the Design View drop-down list. Image
  2.  In the Hierarchy pane, select a core source file (.xco extension).
  3.  In the Processes, expand CORE Generator.
  4.  Right-click the Regenerate Core process, and select Process Properties.
  5.  In the CORE Generator Properties dialog box, set the Regenerate Core property.
  6.  Double-click Regenerate Core.
CORE Generator regenerates the core as a background process.
Note For more information on the CORE Generator software, see the CORE Generator Help. In the Help Viewer, click the Synchronize TOC button Image to view all related Help topics.
After running this process, you can perform any of the following:
  •  Synthesize the design. Image
  •  Implement the design. Image
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