Creating and Viewing an HDL Instantiation Template
An instantiation template is a file containing code that can be used to instantiate a module into your design. You can create and view an HDL instantiation template for an HDL, schematic, intellectual property (IP), embedded processor, or System Generator design module using this process.
To Create and View an Instantiation Template
  1.  In the Design panel, select Implementation from the drop-down list. Image
  2.  In the Hierarchy pane, select the source file for which you want to create an instantiation template.
  3.  In the Processes pane, expand Design Utilities, and double-click the View HDL Instantiation Template process.
    Note By default, the HDL language is determined by the Preferred Language property set in the Design Properties dialog box. If you want to change the language for the instantiation template, set the Instantiation Template Target Language property value in the Instantiation Template Properties dialog box. Image
Project Navigator runs the processes necessary to create the template. A read-only template file is created and displays in your text editor. You can cut and paste the template contents into your HDL file.
Note You must modify the signal names in your HDL file. For more information on working with HDL files, see the HDL Overview.

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