Schematic and Symbol Editors
Drawing Wires with Manual Routing
You can add wires to the schematic manually as follows.
Before performing this procedure, you must open an existing schematic, or create a new schematic. Image
To Draw a Wire with Manual Routing
  1.  Select Add > Wire, or click the Add Wire toolbar button Image.
  2.  In the Add Wire Options that appear in the Options panel, select Use the Manual method....
  3.  Click the first point to be connected.
    The point may be a symbol pin, another wire, or a free point in the schematic. For some points (for example, symbol pins and wire corners) an indicator appears in the schematic to help you locate the exact connection point.
  4.  Do one of the following:
    •  Click to draw horizontal and vertical wire segments. Each click adds another segment until you click a connection indicator ("four squares") point, or until you double-click a point.
    •  Drag the cursor horizontally or vertically to the second point and release the mouse button.
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