Specifying XMD target configuration

To configure the XMD Target options, do the following:

  1. In the C/C++ Projects view, select a project.
  2. Select Run > Run Configurations or Run > Debug Configurations.
  3. In the Configurations box, expand Xilinx C/C++ ELF.
  4. Select a run or debug configuration.
  5. Click the Advanced XMD Options tab.

  6. To specify the Read-Only Memory address range, type the start address in the Base Address box and size of the memory (in bytes) in the Size box.
  7. To specify the Memory Mapping for PowerPC processor resources for a PowerPC processor target, specify the start addresses in the I-Cache Addr, D-Cache Addr, I-Tag Addr, D-Tag Addr, DCR addr, and TLB Addr boxes. The ISOCM addresses for the PowerPC 405 processor is automatically inferred for the system.
  8. Click the Remote Debug tab. (This applies to debugging only.)

  9. Select Connect to gdbserver on a different machine to connect to a GDB server running remotely.
  10. Specify the remote host IP address and port number of the GDB server.
  11. Click Apply to save these settings.

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