Analyzing Power Consumption
XPower Analyzer is a post-route analysis tool that enables you to interactively analyze power consumption for Xilinx® FPGAs and CoolRunner™-II and CoolRunner XPLA3 CPLDs.
Note For more information, see the XPower Analyzer Help. In the Help Viewer, click the Synchronize TOC button Image to view all related Help topics.
To Estimate Power Consumption
  1. In the View pane of the Design panel, select Implementation. Image
  2. In the Hierarchy pane, select the top module Image.
  3. In the Processes pane, expand Implement Design, and do one of the following:
    • For FPGAs, expand the Place & Route process.
    • For CPLDs, expand the Optional Implementation Tools process.
  4. Optional. Right-click XPower Analyzer, and select Process Properties. In the XPower Analyzer Properties dialog box, modify the properties as needed. Image
  5. Double-click XPower Analyzer.
  6. In the Summary view of the XPower Analyzer, review the device, environment settings, and supply voltages, and if necessary, make changes to reflect your system.
  7. Rerun analysis, and review power estimation results in the Summary view.
XPower Analyzer launches and displays power analysis data on your design.
After running this process, you can perform any of the following:
  • Generate Power Data (optional). Image
  • View the Power Report (optional). Image
  • Run Generate Programming File. Image

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