New Board Support Package (SDK) Project dialog box

Select File > New > Xilinx Board Support Package to open the New Board Support Package Project dialog box. In this dialog box, specify a name for the project and select the CPU processor and Board Support Package OS.

You can also specify a location for your project by unselecting the Use default location checkbox and type or browse to the new path in the Location field.

The New Software Platform Project page contains the following items:
Name Function
Project name In this field, specify the name of the project.
Use default location When this check box is selected, SDK creates the new project in the default workspace location.
Location If Use default location check box is not selected, use this field to specify the location where the project is to be created.
Hardware Specification Specify the hardware platform specification file if it has not been defined.
CPU Select the processor for which you want to build the board support package.
Board Support Package OS Select the Board Support Package from the list of available types. Some BSPs can be used to develop applications within SDK, while others are created for use in external tools.

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