Building a board support package for SDK

Building a board support package (BSP) for application development in SDK involves running the library generator tool, Libgen, which generates the operating system and libraries constituting the BSP.

To build a BSP project, right-click the project name and select Build Project or Refresh Project (These options appear only if the Build Automatically option is NOT set). You can also select Project > Build Project.

You can set an option to have SDK automatically initiate a build when you create or change your BSP project. To set this option, select Project > Build Automatically. With this option, SDK uses Libgen to automatically build the project. At the end of the build process, the necessary header and library files are generated within the board support package directory.

Note: A board support package created for application development in SDK was previously referred to as a software platform, and this terminology continues to be used in the Xilinx Platform Studio (XPS) tool.

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