Installing third-party software components

Third-party software components and board support packages (BSPs) typically need to be installed (copied) into a software repository of your choice.

For example:

Assume that you want to install a custom board support package called my_sw_platform_v1_00_a, and that your software repository is located in /home/sdk/sw_repos/dvi_demo_repository.

In this case, you create a library directory under your repository directory, such as /home/sdk/sw_repos/dvi_demo_repository/demo_library.

You then paste your custom board support package files into /home/sdk/sw_repos/dvi_demo_repository/demo_library/bsp/my_sw_platform_v1_00_a. For information on how software repositories must be structured, refer to Software repositories.

Finally, you must configure your SDK workspace to recognize the new repository. To do this, add the path to the library /home/sdk/sw_repos/dvi_demo_repository/demo_library to the Software Repositories list maintained by SDK for your workspace.

Note: SDK 12.1 performs searches using lists of library paths. Although a repository search patch can be accepted for backward compatibility, this usage is not recommended.

For information about adding repositories to your workspace, refer to Setting up software repositories.

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