Flash/PROM File Properties — Xilinx Flash/PROM
  • File Format
    Specifies the format of the PROM file that will be generated.
  • Add Non-Configuration Data Files
    Allows you to specify whether data files (non-configuration files) will be added to the Xilinx® Flash or PROM file or not.
  • Enable Revisioning (Platform Flash only)
    The 8, 16, and 32 Megabit XCFP PROMs support storage of up to four versions of bitstream images. If you want to generate a PROM file targeting these PROMs and using the versioning feature, you must select this option.
  • Number of Revisions (Platform Flash only)
    Note This option is only available when Enable Revisioning is selected.
    Select the number of revisions you want to load to the PROM from the drop-down list.
  • Enable Compression (Platform Flash only)
    Select this to compress your PROM data. If compression is selected, the program option selecting the PROM as the Master should be set. The PROM does not configure the device correctly unless the PROM is acting as the Master. If the PROM is not set as the Master, iMPACT automatically sets the PROM as Master.
    Note Only MCS files can be compressed. You cannot compress BIN, UFP or HEX files.

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