Cable Communication Setup Dialog Box
This dialog box asks that you set your cable preferences.
  • Communication Mode
    Choose one of the Communication Modes from the following options:
    Parallel Cable III
    Parallel Cable IV
    Platform Cable USB/II
    Digilent USB JTAG Cable
    Advanced USB Cable Setup
  • TCK Speed/Baud Rate:
    Specifies the speed at which configuration signals are applied to the target by the cable.
  • Port:
    Specifies the Port connection for the desired cable operation.
  • Cable Location
    Specify whether your cable location is remote or local, and type the computer host name.
    A cable is connected to your local computer. This is the default.
    You want to access a cable that is physically connected to a remote computer. For a description of how to use the Remote option to configure a device remotely, see Remote Device Configuration.
    Host Name:
    This is the name or the IP address of the remote computer which is attached to the desired cable. Host Name is specified in the format hostname:port, where hostname is either the remote host name or its IP address, and port is the TCP port. If no port is specified, the default port value of 50001 will be used.
  • Cable Plug-in
    Allows you to indicate that cable communications will be done using a JTAG chain plug-in connection, and allows you to specify the parameters for the connection.
    Open Cable Plug-in. Select or enter a Plug-in from the list below:
    iMPACT supports select JTAG chain plug-in connections that can be specified here. Each JTAG chain plug-in has specific parameters that can be entered into this field (consult with the plug-in provider for details). When you select this option and enter the plug-in parameters, communication on the JTAG chain will be through the specified plug-in connection.
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