ISE Design Suite
Displaying Advanced Properties
You can set advanced process properties that allow you to control the way your design is implemented. Advanced process properties are generally recommended for use by experienced users only. When you set the display to show advanced properties, both standard and advanced properties appear in the Process Properties dialog boxes. You can set the display level to advanced using either of the following methods.
Note Only some processes have advanced properties.
To Display Advanced Properties Using the Preferences Dialog Box
  1. Select Edit > Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences dialog box, click the ISE® General category.
  3. In the ISE General page, set the Property Display Level option to Advanced.
  4. Click OK.
To Display Advanced Properties Using the Process Properties Dialog Box
  1. In the View pane of the Design panel, select a Design View. Image
  2. In the Hierarchy pane, select a source file.
    Note The source file you select affects the processes that appear in the Processes pane; only the processes that apply to the selected source file are shown.
  3. In the Processes pane, select a process.
  4. Select Process > Process Properties.
    Note You can also right-click the process and select Process Properties. If there are no properties for a process, the Process Properties menu command is grayed out.
  5. In the Process Properties dialog box, set the Property Display Level option to Advanced.
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