ISE Design Suite
Generating a Text Power Report
You can optionally generate a power report for your entire design or for one module in your design. The power report provides measurements about the usage of voltage and other power resources.
Generating a Text Power Report
  1. In the View pane of the Design panel, select Implementation. Image
  2. In the Hierarchy pane, select the top module Image.
  3. In the Processes pane, expand Implement Design, and do one of the following:
    • For FPGAs, expand the Place & Route process.
    • For CPLDs, expand the Optional Implementation Tools process, and expand XPower Analyzer.
  4. Optional. Right-click the Generate Text Power Report process, and select Process Properties. In the Power Report Properties dialog box, modify the properties as needed. Image
  5. Double-click the Generate Text Power Report process.
A module_name.pwr file containing the power data results is created and placed in your project directory.
After running this process, you can view the power report. Image

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