Known Issues in SDK

The following are known issues in SDK:

While Initializing the bitstream with an ELF file, SDK uses bootloop
MSS Viewer does not refresh automatically
Renaming hardware platforms causes compilation errors
Restore defaults in C/C++ Build Settings causes settings to be lost
Operations on XMD console can confuse the internal state of SDK

Currently, SDK uses the XMD that is shown in the XMD console. As a result, performing some operations on the XMD console (such as disconnecting targets) will cause SDK's state to get out of sync with the actual target state. In such a case, it might not be possible to recover and you must restart SDK.

When SDK launches, it does not display the correct menus, the correct icons, or the C/C++ Perspective
Kintex®-7 FPGA KC705 evaluation board with older device revisions require a workaround during debugging to compensate for the memory controller calibration time

See Answer Record 43967 for additional information.

SDK internal state gets out of sync with actual target status if Zynq board is switched off during execution of an application
Semaphores left on XMD exit
Debug System Reset doesn’t work on a 2.0. Zc706 board that has the 2.0 silicon
SVF Support Does Not Exist in 2014.1 Release.
SDK 2014.1 Does Not Support 6 Series and Below Devices.


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