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Spartan-6 FPGA Package Device Pinout Files

Spartan-6 LX Devices

  CPG196 TQG144 CSG225 CSG324 CSG484 FTG256 FGG484 FGG676 FGG900
XC6SLX4 CPG196 TQG144 CSG225            
CSG225 CSG324
XC6SLX16 CPG196   CSG225 CSG324   FTG256      
XC6SLX25       CSG324   FTG256 FGG484    
XC6SLX45       CSG324 CSG484   FGG484 FGG676  
XC6SLX75         CSG484   FGG484 FGG676  
XC6SLX100         CSG484   FGG484 FGG676  
XC6SLX150         CSG484   FGG484 FGG676 FGG900
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Spartan-6 LXT Devices

  CSG324 CSG484 FGG484 FGG676 FGG900
XC6SLX25T CSG324   FGG484    
XC6SLX45T CSG324 CSG484 FGG484    
XC6SLX75T   CSG484 FGG484 FGG676  
XC6SLX100T   CSG484 FGG484 FGG676 FGG900
XC6SLX150T   CSG484 FGG484 FGG676 FGG900
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Note: All package files are ASCII files in txt format.

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