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Spartan-7 FPGA Package Device Pinout Files

  FTGB196 CPGA196 CSGA225 CSGA324 FGGA484 FGGA676
XC7S6 FTGB196 CPGA196 CSGA225      
XC7S15 FTGB196 CPGA196 CSGA225      
XC7S25 FTGB196   CSGA225 CSGA324    
XC7S50 FTGB196     CSGA324 FGGA484  
XC7S75         FGGA484 FGGA676
XC7S100         FGGA484 FGGA676
Download ZIP

Note: The zip file includes ASCII package files in TXT format and in CSV format. The format of this file is described in UG475.