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Virtex-5 FPGA Package Device Pinout Files

Virtex-5 LX Devices

  FF324/FFG324 FF676/FFG676 FF1153/FFG1153 FF1760/FFG1760
XC5VLX30 FF324/FFG324 FF676/FFG676    
XC5VLX50 FF324/FFG324 FF676/FFG676 FF1153/FFG1153  
XC5VLX85   FF676/FFG676 FF1153/FFG1153  
XC5VLX110   FF676/FFG676 FF1153/FFG1153 FF1760/FFG1760
XC5VLX155     FF1153/FFG1153 FF1760/FFG1760
XC5VLX220       FF1760/FFG1760
XC5VLX330       FF1760/FFG1760
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Virtex-5 LXT Devices

  FF323/FFG323 FF665/FFG665 FF1136/FFG1136 FF1738/FFG1738
XC5VLX20T FF323/FFG323      
XC5VLX30T FF323/FFG323 FF665/FFG665    
XC5VLX50T   FF665/FFG665 FF1136/FFG1136  
XC5VLX85T     FF1136/FFG1136  
XC5VLX110T     FF1136/FFG1136 FF1738/FFG1738
XC5VLX155T     FF1136/FFG1136 FF1738/FFG1738
XC5VLX220T       FF1738/FFG1738
XC5VLX330T       FF1738/FFG1738
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Virtex-5 SXT Devices

  FF665/FFG665 FF1136/FFG1136 FF1738/FFG1738
XC5VSX35T FF665/FFG665    
XC5VSX50T FF665/FFG665 FF1136/FFG1136  
XC5VSX95T   FF1136/FFG1136  
XC5VSX240T     FF1738/FFG1738
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Virtex-5 TXT Devices

  FF1156/FFG1156 FF1759/FFG1759
XC5VTX150T FF1156/FFG1156 FF1759/FFG1759
XC5VTX240T   FF1759/FFG1759
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Virtex-5 FXT Devices

  FF665/FFG665 FF1136/FFG1136 FF1738/FFG1738
XC5VFX30T FF665/FFG665    
XC5VFX70T FF665/FFG665 FF1136/FFG1136  
XC5VFX100T   FF1136/FFG1136 FF1738/FFG1738
XC5VFX130T     FF1738/FFG1738
XC5VFX200T     FF1738/FFG1738
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Note: All package files are ASCII files in zip format.

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