Board Partners

Our board partners offer a variety of development boards that target many areas of interest such as signal processing, networking, supercomputing; as well as entry level and high end research boards.

Partner Name Additional Information
Alpha Data A leading global supplier of high performance COTS reconfigurable computer platforms and support software.
Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc. High performance Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) FPGA development provider.
Avnet, Inc. Authorized distributor for Xilinx FPGA and development board.
BEECube Inc. High performance networking and computing FPGA development systems provider.
Digilent, Inc. Low cost university FPGA development and accessory boards provider.
HiTech Global Distribution LLC. FPGA based evaluation and prototyping boards provider.
Lyrtech Inc. Advanced DSP FPGA platforms provider.
Mango Communications, Inc. Designer of platforms for cutting-edge wireless research.
Red Pitaya Low cost open source FPGA+CPU development board with integrated T&M applications
Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd. The EMC2-Z7015 is a single-board-computer (SBC) as default, but the real benefit is the PC/104® stackable concept that will allow multiple EMC2-Z7015 to be integrated into a multiprocessing ARM system, using PCI Express for inter-connection between each Zynq SoC. The EMC2-Z7015 is designed for the EMC2 Project - “Embedded Multi-Core and Critical Application” - and rapid development support is provided by the latest Xilinx SoC development environment, called SDSoC™ that enables rapid programming of the Zynq SoC, using traditional C/C++ programs.