Embedded System Design Flow on Zynq using ISE

Course Description This course provides professors with an introduction to embedded system design flow using ZedBoard and Xilinx Embedded Development Kit (EDK).
Level Introductory
Duration 2 Days
Who should attend? Professors who are familiar with Xilinx FPGA technology and wish to get up to speed with FPGA-based embedded systems design using Zynq.
  • Digital logic and FPGA design experience
  • Basic experience with Xilinx ISE® Foundation™ software
  • Basic understanding of C programming
  • Basic microprocessor experience

Skills Gained

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Rapidly architect an embedded system targeting a ARM processor of Zynq located on ZedBoard
  • Extend the hardware system with Xilinx provided peripherals
  • Create a custom peripheral and add it to the system
  • Write software code to access peripherals
  • Perform IP level bus functional simulation verification

Course Overview

Day 1:

  • EDK Introduction
  • Lab 1: Basic Hardware Design
    • Quickly create a ARM-based embedded system targeting Zynq.
  • Zynq Architecture
  • Adding IPs in Programmable Logic
  • Lab 2: Adding Peripherals in Programmable Logic
    • Extend the hardware system by adding AXI peripherals from the IP catalog.
  • Creating Your Own IP Peripheral
  • Lab 3: Creating and Adding Your Own Custom Peripheral
    • Use the Create/Import Peripheral Wizard to extend the system with a custom peripheral.

Day 2:

  • Software Development Environment
  • Lab 4: Writing Basic Software Applications
    • Write a basic C application to access the peripherals.
  • Software Development and Debugging
  • Lab 5: Software Writing for timer and Debugging Using Software Development Kit (SDK)
    • Use API to drive CPU's timer. Perform software debugging using SDK.
  • Bus Functional Model Simulation
  • Lab 6: BFM Simulation
    • Use simulator to perform BFM simulation to verify the custom IP functionality.