High-Level Synthesis Flow on MicroBlaze using ISE

Course Description This course provides professors with an understanding of high-level synthesis design methodologies necessary to develop digital systems using Vivado HLS.
Level Introductory
Duration 2 Days
Who should attend? Professors who are familiar with Xilinx FPGA technology and wish to get up to speed with system design using high-level synthesis technique.
  • System level design experience using Xilinx FPGA
  • Basic experience with Xilinx ISE® Foundation™ and EDK software
  • Good understanding of C programming

Skills Gained

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand high-level synthesis flow of Vivado HLS
  • Apply directives to optimize design performance
  • Create a custom peripheral and add it to a processor system

Course Overview

Day 1:

  • Introduction to HLS with Vivado HLS
  • Demo: Power of Vivado HLS
    • View a demo of Vivado HLS generated core for a video application.
  • Using Vivado HLS
  • Lab 1: Creating Project and Understanding Reports
    • Experience a basic design flow of Vivado HLS and review generated output.
  • Improving Performance
  • Lab 2: Optimizing Performance through Pipelining
    • Use pipelining technique to improve performance.
  • Data Types

Day 2:

  • Optimizing for Area and Resources
  • Lab 3: Optimizing Area
    • Use directives to optimize resource sharing.
  • Handling Block and Port Level Protocols
  • Coding Style
  • Creating a Processor System
  • Lab 4: Designing an Audio System
    • Use pcore generation capability of Vivado HLS and integrate generated pcore in an embedded system developed using EDK.