Xilinx Customer Training FAQ

If you have any questions not covered by this FAQ, please contact the registrar.

1. Payment Methods

You cannot purchase classes via the Xilinx Customer Training site. You must contact your ATP and pay via credit card or purchase order.



2. Training Credits

No. Training Credits are optional.


Please contact the registrar to request the balance of your company's Training Credits.

You will need the Training Credit Agreement Number and approval from the Training Credit owner from your company. If you do not know who the Training Credit owner is, please contact the registrar.

Contact your sales representative. You can include Training Credits in an XPA (Xilinx Productivity Advantage) or you can purchase Training Credits a la carte.

If you purchase an XPA (Xilinx Productivity Advantage), you will get a discount on a bundle of Xilinx software + Training Credits.

You can use your Training Credits to pay for classroom, virtual, or ondemand training.

  1. Get your Training Credit Agreement Number and permission to use the Training Credits from the Training Credit owner.
    1. If you are not the Training Credit owner, please have the Training Credit owner contact the registrar.
  2. Select the course you want and click the Add to Cart button.
  3. Select Voucher as the method of payment.
  4. Click Proceed to Checkout.
  5. Enter the Training Credit Agreement Number in the Voucher # field.
    1. Voucher = Training Credit Agreement
  6. Click the Order for these items Complete button.
    1. Your enrollment request is sent to Xilinx.
    2. The registrar will approve based on email approval from the Training Credit owner.

When the Training Credit owner approves, you will receive an enrollment confirmation email.

Error: "Voucher #1 is not matched with your User Group. Please try Again".

Meaning: In our system, you are associated with a different customer site than the Training Credit Agreement.


  • The site that purchased the credits may be in a different state/province.
  • You have a slightly different address in your profile than the site that purchased the credits.
  • Your email address does not match known email addresses for that customer site.

How to fix:

  • Contact the registrar.
  • The registrar will contact the Training Credit Agreement owner.
  • If the Training Credit Agreement owner agrees that you should be associated with the Training Credit Agreement, then the registrar will fix your profile.

Error: "Invalid Voucher Number. Please try Again."

Meaning: This Training Credit Agreement number does not exist, or it is no longer active.

How to fix:

  • Double-check the number that you are entering.
  • Contact the registrar.
    • The registrar will look up the agreement number and determine whether it is valid.
    • If the number is valid, then the registrar will contact the Training Credit Agreement owner.
    • If the Training Credit Agreement owner agrees that you should be associated with the Training Credit Agreement, then the registrar will validate that the Training Credit Agreement is set up correctly.

3. Selecting Courses

Use our curriculum paths to choose by design specialization.

By curriculum paths: Progression from beginning to advanced, by domain.

Most courses are updated once per year. If you believe that a specific course should be updated more frequently, please contact us.

4. Contacting ATPs

Yes. Bring your ATP in early to help you select the appropriate courses and set the correct pricing.

5. Free Content

Yes. The following are currently free:

You can search for free tutorials here.

You can search for free “how to” videos here.

You can search for free webinars here.

6. Selecting a Delivery Type

Public Online

  • You have internet access and you do not want to travel.
  • The agenda for the course meets your needs, as is.
  • You want to apply the knowledge in real time (learn for a few hours, and then apply it to a project).

Public Classroom

  • You prefer face-to-face training.
  • The agenda for the course meets your needs, as is.

Private Classroom or Online

  • You have 8 or more people who need the same training.
  • You want a class onsite.
  • A customized agenda and class date is the ideal fit for you.

7. Viewing the Class Schedule

Via public class prices.

Private class prices:

  • Contact your ATP.
  • Note that private class prices are usually equal to the cost of 10 students.

8. OnDemand Labs

Yes. Lab documents are provided within the virtual lab environment.

You can download the files for the lab from www.xilinx.com/training/downloads.html.

These are the original files and do not contain any work that you may have performed.


Yes. The labs are set for single access (you can access each lab one time). The time allotted to complete each lab is 2X the time expected to complete the lab.

We know that interruptions do occur, so you are provided twice the amount of time that a lab is expected to take for the CloudShare environment.

Alternatively, you can contact the registrar to request an extension to your lab time.

To test your connection, go to the CloudShare test page.

To troubleshoot your connection, review the CloudShare troubleshooting connection page.

In addition, be sure to whitelist the following IP ranges:

Access Gateways

  • Miami
  • Amsterdam
  • Singapore

Virtual Machine Range

  • Miami
  • Amsterdam
  • Singapore

If you have any other issues with the CloudShare environment, please contact ondemandsupport@xilinx.com.

No, the virtual machine used in the CloudShare environment is not available for separate download. 

The VM is intended for training purposes only. Students have access to this VM via two avenues: CloudShare and ATP instructor-led classes. No support is provided for the VM outside of these training environments.

If you want to run the labs locally, you can still do so by downloading the lab files from www.xilinx.com/training/downloads.html. Note that you will need to install the necessary software tools with the appropriate licenses.

As long as your local machine is properly provisioned for the given lab, the labs can be run. The lab files are available from www.xilinx.com/training/downloads.html. Note that these lab files represent the starting point for the lab and do not contain any student-generated work. 

In an effort to support many platforms, the labs use certain environment variables that point to the installation directories for the various tools and as well as the location of the training directory from which the labs are run.

To run the labs on your local machine, you must install the necessary tools and licenses for the course. It is important to realize that some Xilinx tools, such as PetaLinux, will not run natively under the Windows operating system.

The Lab Reference Guide is available here (bottom of the page). Select the version for the labs that you are running.

Most labs do not require an actual physical board. In cases where an actual board may be necessary, students can still follow along with the lab instructions.

While it is possible to target other boards, the designs must be reimplemented using the constraint file appropriate for the target board. Most designs are portable among boards. Some designs used in the embedded curriculum are moderately complex and there may be non-trivial porting issues. Xilinx does not provide porting as a service.

Please post your question in the Xilinx Customer Training Forum to interact with a team of Xilinx subject matter experts and fellow training attendees.

9. OnDemand Courses

After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to access the content. You may need to check your spam/junk folder for the notification.

Alternatively, you can log in here to access the system. After logging in, click the "My Courses" tab to view your content.

OnDemand course access is by subscription. A subscription is one year from purchase via credit card, purchase order, or Training Credits.

You must click through all the slides to completion as well as take the assessment before a module will be marked as complete. Any video will also need to viewed to the end before an assessment is taken.

The best browser for the lectures and the environment is Chrome. Firefox also works well. You may encounter issues with Internet Explorer.

You may also need to enable pop-up windows if your browser is set to block pop-ups.

10. Technical Questions

Please post your question in the Xilinx Customer Training Forum to interact with a team of Xilinx subject matter experts and fellow training attendees.

Any other questions? Please contact the registrar.