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AR# 25368

EDK Hard_temac v3_00_a and v3_00_b - Can I use RGMII?


Can an RGMII interface be used with the hard_temac v3_00_a and v3_00_b? The data sheet only indicates support for MII, GMII, and SGMII.


When the data sheet was written for version v3.00.a/v3.00.b of the hard_temac, support for RGMII was not included in the data sheet because it had not been tested in hardware; however, all of the files are there for RGMII v1.3. Subsequently, Xilinx has been successful using RGMII v1.3 in hardware with the core. To use RGMII, follow these steps:

1. Set C_PHY_TYPE = 2 for RGMII.

2. Calculate the correct IDELAY to use.

3. Lock down the IDELAY and IDELAY Controller in the UCF.

For an example of using RGMII with the ML410, see:


AR# 25368
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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