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AR# 30179

LogiCORE Turbo Product Code (TPC) Encoder - Release Notes and Known Issues


This Answer Record contains the Release Notes and Known Issues list for the CORE Generator LogiCORE Turbo Product Code (TPC) Encoder core.

The following information is listed for each version of the core:

- New Features

- Bug Fixes

- Known Issues

LogiCORE Turbo Product Code (TPC) Encoder Lounge:



General LogiCORE Turbo Product Code (TPC) Encoder Issues

- The TPC is targeted for a Virtex-II / II-Pro, would it be possible to port this to a Spartan-II / IIE / 3 or Virtex / E / 4? See (Xilinx Answer 19413).

- How can I get the TPC to compile using XST, without incurring MAP Pack ERROR:Pack:679? See (Xilinx Answer 22258).

LogiCORE Turbo Product Code (TPC) Encoder v1.0

Initial Release in October 30, 2002

New Features

- Performs TPC encoding as defined in the IEEE 802.16 and 802.16a standards

- Block sizes from 64 bits to 4K bits, 64 possible product codes

- Up to 8K bits of internal buffering

- Low latency (13 clocks) independent of code type

- Separate input and output enables allow flexible handling of data flow

Bug Fixes

- N/A

Known Issues

- Why must the reset be applied for the code to be changed? See (Xilinx Answer 24298).

- Release Notes for TCP Envocder v1.0 rev1 patch See (Xilinx Answer 24321).

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AR# 30179
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