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AR# 30877

Platform Cable USB/USB-II - After switching between XMD and iMPACT, I can no longer connect to my Platform Cable USB


After switching between XMD and iMPACT, XMD hangs and I can no longer connect to my Platform Cable USB. I need to power cycle the cable to connect to it again. What is the problem?


When debugging a processor using XMD, the tool keeps track of the processor state (running, stopped, in reset, etc). This is because the debug operations are dependent on the processor state. When XMD is open and connected to the processor target, re-configuring the FPGA using iMPACT will cause a crash in XMD. The "known" state has changed, and this causes problems for the tool. Currently, XMD does not check if the FPGA has been re-configured while it is open and connected. Nor does it periodically check for a change in processor state by an external tool. The work-around is to disconnect from the cable and close XMD if you need to switch to iMPACT for reconfiguration.

AR# 30877
Date 01/30/2018
Status Active
Type General Article
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