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AR# 31772

MIG v2.3 - Known Issues for Verify UCF with Spartan-3 Generation devices


This answer record contains information on known issues for using "Verify UCF" with Spartan-3 Generation devices.  

These issues will all be resolved in MIG v3.0.


1. Verify UCF is not giving errors for the following problems within the provided UCF: 

a. If the signal name is repeated twice in the UCF file. 

NET "cntrl0_ddr2_a[0]" LOC = "AC20" ; #bank 4 
NET "cntrl0_ddr2_a[0]" LOC = "AE20" ; #bank 4 

b. If the DQS signal is not present in the UCF file. 

c. If the slice locations constraint is not present for: DQ, DQS, RLOC_ORIGIN, Calibration AREA_GROUP, FIFO write enables, and FIFO write address. 


2. Verify UCF reports false errors for single ended system clock design. 

Verify UCF currently reports false errors when you input a UCF and prj file for the design generated with a single ended system clock. 

The tool should output the following errors: 

ERROR: The System Clock signal pair is not allocated to the same IO tile.


ERROR: The System Clock signals are not following the 'P' and 'N' rule.


3. Verify UCF reports false errors on DQ slice location constraints for some devices. 

Verify UCF for Spartan-3 top/bottom banks are showing errors for DQ slice locations constraints for the devices XC3S50, XC3S200, XC3S400, XC3S1000, and XC3S1500. 

The following errors should be output from the tool: 

ERROR: Slice location constraint "main_00/top0/data_path0/data_read0/gen_strobe[0].strobe/fifo_bit7-SLICE_X14Y124" allocated for dq[7] is not correct. 


ERROR: Slice location constraint "main_00/top0/data_path0/data_read0/gen_strobe[0].strobe_n/fifo_bit7-SLICE_X14Y125" allocated for dq[7] is not correct. 


When the design is input to be updated using Update Design, the slice locations for the DQ signals are not generated in the output constraints as shown below.  

INST "main_00/top0/data_path0/data_read0/gen_strobe[0].strobe/fifo_bit1" LOC =; 


These issues will all be resolved in MIG v3.0.

AR# 31772
Date 12/04/2014
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