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AR# 33072

PROMGen - How to obtain the 32-bit checksum from a .mcs file?


How do I obtain the 32-bit checksum of a .mcs file if the .prm file is unavailable?


You can find the 32-bit checksum from the .prm file generated together with the .mcs file using PROMGen. If the .prm file is unavailable, you can run the following command to re-generate the .prm file where you can find the 32-bit checksum.

promgen -w -c 00 -r <input .mcs file name>.mcs -o <output .mcs file name>.mcs

You should use the following command if you want to get the checksum, including the pre-filled value for a PROM with specified density. The default pre-filled value is FF.

promgen -w -c <pre-filled value in hex> -r <input .mcs file name>.mcs -o <output .mcs file name>.mcs -s <number in KB>

If youwant togetan 8-bit per line checksum in a .mcs file, you can refer to (Xilinx Answer 18884).
AR# 33072
Date 12/06/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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