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AR# 42186

ChipScope - IBERT - Bit file is generated with Startup Clock set to JTAG


IBERT generates the ibert.bit using JTAG clock as the Startup clock by default. If I want to configure the device with the core using a non-JTAG configuration mode how do I change the startup clock to CCLK?


There are two workarounds for this issue.

(1) When generating the PROM file in iMPACT ensure that the Startup clock auto correction is on. This will change the startup clock setting in the PROM file. This can be set in Edit -> Preferences -> Startup Clock (FPGA) -> Automatic Correction

(2) Reimplement the core using the example design changing the Bitgen options. This can be done in the implement.bat/implement.sh file provided in the _path_/_core_name_/implement directory. The options should be changed from -

bitgen -d -g GWE_cycle:Done -g GTS_cycle:Done -g DriveDone:Yes -g StartupClk:Cclk -w example_core_name.ncd

To -

bitgen -d -g GWE_cycle:Done -g GTS_cycle:Done -g DriveDone:Yes -g StartupClk:JtagCLK -w example_core_name_top.ncd
AR# 42186
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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