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AR# 42382

Licensing - What are the features/limitations of a LogiCORE IP Core Source Code license?


What are the features/limitations of a LogiCORE IP Core Source Code license?


Purchasing a license for a LogiCORE IP Core's Source Code allows you to generate the LogiCORE IP Core netlist and enables you to run through the entire Xilinx design flow including, implementation, simulation, and bitstream generation.

A design containing cores for which you have purchased a source code license can be programmed into an FPGA for continued use.

In Addition, the source code license also entitles you to access the source code for the core, which may be generated with the core, or provided to you separately. Source code licenses are only available for a few select IP cores.

NOTE: When a LogiCORE IP Core evaluation license key is replaced with the license keys provided under a source code license, the core has to must be regenerated and the design re-implemented. This ensures that the core netlist does not contain the limitations that characterize evaluation cores.
AR# 42382
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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