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AR# 57257

14.6 SDK - Can I generate a custom software application using the AppGuru tool?


Can a custom software application be generated by AppGuru?

Running the -lapp  command shows that the only available software applications are the following:

  • Xilinx Software Application Generator
  • Xilinx EDK 14.3 Build EDK_P.40xd
  • Copyright (c) 1995-2012 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved.
  • Application Name: dhrystone
  • Application Name: empty_application
  • Application Name: hello_world
  • Application Name: lwip_echo_server
  • Application Name: memory_tests
  • Application Name: peripheral_tests
  • Application Name: srec_bootloader
  • Application Name: ucos-iii_demo
  • Application Name: xilkernel_posix_threads_demo
  • Application Name: zynq_fsbl

How do I generate a custom application?


Yes, although the AppGuru tool is not supported, this can be achieved by using the -lp command to point to your software application directory.

The software application folder must proceed the sw_apps folder which must follow a certain structure. For example, see the attached SDK zipped folder at the end of this answer record.

This folder has the correct structure using a test.c file as an example:

sw_apps > test > data > test.mss, test.tcl
>  src > test.c

Run in the ISE Design Suite 64-Bit Command Prompt the run_appguru.bat file found in SDK\sdk_workspace\appgurutest folder making sure that your system.xml file is also included in the folder.

The command is as follows:

appguru -lp C:\SDK\sdk_workspace\customSW\ -hw system.xml -app test -pe ps7_cortexa9_0 -stdin ps7_uart_1 -stdout ps7_uart_1

This generates the following files to SDK\sdk_workspace\appgurutest:



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AR# 57257
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