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AR# 57292

7 Series Serial Transceiver - GTP - Can the RXstatus Signal Indicate Not In Table and Disparity Errors?


In GTX and GTX, the RXstatus signal can indicate the following, as indicated in (UG476) GTX / GTH Transceiver User Guide:

  • PCIe receiver present
  • 8b10b Decode Errors
  • Disparity Errors
  • Buffer Errors
  • Clock Correction Status

In (UG482) GTP User Guide, RXstatus only indicates PCIe receiver present. 

Can the RXstatus signal in GTP indicate other status', as it does in GTX/GTH?


Yes, GTP RXstatus behaves exactly the same as RXstatus in GTX/GTH. 

The information was missing in the GTP User Guide and should be added in a future version.

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8/29/2013 - Initial Release

AR# 57292
Date 03/18/2015
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