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AR# 61341

14.6 Sysgen - A Fatal Internal Error sometimes occurs when generating a Netlist


While generating a netlist, a "Fatal Internal Error" occurs, reported by a simple model (eg constant).  

This issue does not occur every time.

After the error is received I cannot generate a netlist or run Hardware Cosim for a very simple design.

Restarting Matlab will sometimes fix the issue.

What is the cause of this problem?


This issue only affects 64bit Sysgen.

Sysgen encounters problems with the license file when it is located under C:\.Xilinx.
It can be fixed by leaving C:\.Xilinx empty, saving Xilinx.lic to a different location (for example C:\Xilinx_license\Xilinx.lic), and pointing to it by using the environment variable XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE

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AR# 61341
Date 07/14/2014
Status Active
Type Known Issues
  • System Generator for DSP - 14.6
  • System Generator for DSP - 14.7
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