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AR# 66976

Vivado - On a 64-bit OS, Vivado looks for 64-bit version of ModelSim


I am simulating with ModelSim on a Linux 64-bit platform. However, The version of ModelSim I am using only has a 32-bit binary.

When I try to run simulation from Vivado, the 32-bit executable is not used.  Vivado looks for a 64-bit version which is not found

Error: cannot find "/tools/modelsim/10.3d/bin/../linux_x86_64/vsim"
Error: cannot find "/tools/modelsim/10.3d/bin/../linux_x86_64/vlib"
Error: cannot find "/tools/modelsim/10.3d/bin/../linux_x86_64/vmap"
Error: cannot find "/tools/modelsim/10.3d/bin/../linux_x86_64/vlog"
Error: cannot find "/tools/modelsim/10.3d/bin/../linux_x86_64/vcom"


Whether ModelSim uses the 32-bit or 64-bit executables depends on the value of the environment variable MTI_VCO_MODE.

If it s set to 32-bit, the 32-bit executable will run even on a 64-bit machine.

AR# 66976
Date 05/24/2018
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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