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1.0 JDRIVE - What is "JDRIVE?"


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What is "JDRIVE?"


JDRIVE is an IEEE 1532 device configuration engine that is generally used to configure IEEE 1532-compliant devices, such as Virtex, Virtex-E, and 18v00 PROMs.

JDRIVE takes an ".isc" file (generated by XGEN1532) as an input and drives the Xilinx Parallel-III cable to configure devices in a JTAG chain.

Xilinx provides customers with the source code for JDRIVE (available at the link below), which can be used to configure devices from other platforms (such as microprocessors, etc.).

For more information about JDRIVE and the downloadable JDRIVE source, refer to the following page:

What is IEEE-STD-1532?

For more information on IEEE-STD-1532, see (Xilinx Answer 10774).

How does JDRIVE differ from JTAG Programmer?

JDRIVE differs from JTAG Programmer in several important ways:

1. JTAG Programmer cannot use IEEE Std 1532 BSDL files. This is the primary reason that JDRIVE was developed. JTAG Programmer uses IEEE Std 1149.1 BSDL files.

2. JDRIVE does not provide a graphical user interface (GUI); it is executable from the command line only.

3. JDRIVE cannot create SVF files.

4. The source code for JDRIVE is provided to customers for the purpose of porting JDRIVE to other platforms.

In what ways are JDRIVE and JTAG Programmer similar?

1. Both software tools can be used to perform various operations on a JTAG chain.

2. Both tools can use the Xilinx Parallel-III cable.

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