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ChipScope Analyzer - How do I import signal names without having a Core Inserter project?


ChipScope Analyzer requires a ".cdc" file (which is a ChipScope Core Inserter project file) for signal names to be imported.

If I do not use Core Inserter, how do I import signal names?


Solution 1

Write your own ".cdc" file.

This CDC file requires the following five components:
  1. As the first line of the file, a comment that identifies it as a Core Inserter project file:
    #ChipScope Core Inserter Project Version 2.0
  2. A declaration of the signal name for EVERY data signal connected to the ILA core:
    Project.unit.Unit<Channel Number>=Signal Name
  3. A declaration of the width of the data bus.
    This must match the ILA core exactly, or ChipScope Analyzer will not accept the ".cdc" file:
    Project.unit.Unit Number.dataWidth=Data Bus Width
  4. A declaration of the signal name for EACH trigger signal that is connected to the ILA core:
    Project.unit.Unit Number.trigger<Channel Number>=Signal Name
  5. A declaration of the width of the trigger bus.
    This must match the ILA core exactly, or ChipScope Analyzer will not accept the ".cdc" file:
    Project.unit.Unit Number.triggerWidth=Trigger Bus Width

An example CDC file follows; this can be used with the counter design in ChipScope.

___begin file___

#ChipScope Core Inserter Project Version 2.0<0>=counter[0]<1>=counter[1]<2>=counter[2]<3>=counter[3]<4>=counter[4]<5>=counter[5]<6>=counter[6]<7>=counter[7]<8>=counter[8]<9>=counter[9]<10>=counter[10]<11>=counter[11]<12>=counter[12]<13>=counter[13]<14>=counter[14]<15>=counter[15]











Solution 2

Modify the ".cdc" file(s) generated from CORE Generator.

When you generate the ILA/VIO cores, a ".cdc" file is generated along with each core.

The trigger and data signal names are all defaults in these CDC files and you need to modify them to the expected names manually, according to the description above.

Once this is done, import the CDC files one by one in ChipScope Pro Analyzer.

You will be prompted to choose the correct ILA/VIO core in the design when you import the CDC file.

Solution 3 (ISE 13.2+)

1. Modify the CDC file that comes directly out of the Xilinx CORE Generator tool.

2. Use the Import function in the ChipScope Pro Analyzer.

3. Select which ILA core to apply the CDC file to.

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