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AR# 15010

ISE - Can a Foundation ALDEC design be converted to ISE? If so, how is this done?


Can a Foundation Classic (ALDEC-based) design project be converted to an ISE project? If so, how is this done?


Aldec schematics cannot be converted directly to the Project Navigator ECS schematic format. 

However, you can transfer a Foundation project to ISE for implementation, design, and synthesis by using several different methods.

  • An ALDEC netlist can be moved to an ISE design. Create a netlist and add it as a "black box" in the ISE design.
    For more information on "black boxes," please see "Black Boxes" in the XST user Guide.
    The XST user guild for ISE 14.4 is (UG687)
  • You can convert a Foundation HDL design to ISE by converting the Design Manager project in ISE 4.2i, then copying the HDL files to the ISE project.
  • Foundation Projects with schematic elements can be exported as VHDL and then added to an ISE project.
    Alternatively, you can use Active HDL from Aldec to maintain the Aldec-based Foundation schematic.
    Foundation schematics can be read and compiled through Active HDL.
    For more details, please see the attached zip file.


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AR# 15010
Date 02/01/2018
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