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AR# 1651

How do I configure my Xilinx device I/O as an open-drain (open-collector)?


It is often useful for a device to contain open-drain or open-collector outputs so that multiple outputs can be connected to a single input, such as a reset line.

Can I configure my Xilinx device to include open-drain outputs?

How do I configure my Xilinx device I/O as an open-drain (open-collector)?


With all Xilinx devices, an open-drain type output is not available directly but canbe configured. Schematically, this type of output should look like the following:

Open-Drain Output
Open-Drain Output

This type of circuitry can also be described in HDL code.

Infer the open drain buffer by using the following code:


dout <= 'Z' when din='1' else '0';


always @(ENABLE)
DOUT = 1'bZ;
DOUT = 1'b0;

AR# 1651
Date 02/18/2013
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