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AR# 21277

Packages - Where can I find the Materials Declaration Data Sheet for a package?


Where can I find the Materials Declaration Data Sheet for a package?


Xilinx publicly releases Materials Declaration Data Sheets (MDDS) and IPC-1752 for all devices upon production release.

Please follow the below steps to find an MDDS for a particular device:

  • Click this link: https://www.xilinx.com/support.html.
  • Click the Documentation tab.
  • Under Step 3: Product, choose a device family.
  • Under Step 4: Doc Type, select Package Specifications.

Here, you will find the MDDS for all packages associated with the chosen device family. Typically, you can also find the IPC under Associated Files.

Alternatively, you can use the search engine on our website with keywords such as <package> material declaration (for example, FTG256 material declaration).


  • There can be multiple variations of the same package/device combination. For example, following EU standard RoHS directive, one with lead and another lead-free.
    Be sure to choose the correct package code for your product. For family-specific package code details, please refer to the product table available online.
  • If you cannot find the MDDS for a particular device, please open a Service Request or post a question on our forum.


AR# 21277
Date 05/02/2018
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