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AR# 24683

9.1i Data2MEM - How do I generate a ".mem" file from an ELF in data2mem?


I am using Data2MEM to generate a ".mem" file to simulate boot code and program code in external SDRAM for a PPC core. However, it complains that my ".bmm" file is empty, which of course it should be since there is no block RAM in the design.

I am using the following command line


data2mem -bm C:\_ADB_Work\HDS\ppc405_core\ppc405_core_lib\rev_1\ppc405_fpga.bmm -bd C:\_ADB_Work\HDS\ppc405_core\ppc405_core_lib\pong\pong.elf -u -o m C:\sdram_init.mem

Is this correct, or am I missing a step?


To generate the ".mem" file, use the following command:

data2mem -bd executable.elf -d -o m executable.mem

This command will dump the contents of the binary ELF file into a MEM file.

AR# 24683
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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