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AR# 25255

11.3 System Generator for DSP - Why do I get a Simulink message stating, "Use of this data type requires a fixed-point license, but license checkout failed"?


My System Generator design gives the following error message:

"Use of this data type requires a fixed-point license, but license checkout failed."

However, I am not specifying a Simulink Fixed point in my model.


The System Generator gateway out blocks automatically convert to Simulink data types based on the type of signal driving them. Some instances must be set to a Simulink fixed point data type, which will cause this error if your MATLAB installation does not include the fixed-point blockset.

This is known to occur on signals that are 53 bits or greater in width, as well as with internal signals to the EDK Processor block. In the case of signals 53 bits or greater, you can work around this by slicing the signal to two smaller width signals less than 53 bits.
AR# 25255
Date 10/26/2011
Status Active
Type General Article
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