AR# 31590

MIG v2.3 - Memory parts created using the Create Custom Part feature are not visible in the GUI after re-launching MIG


MIG v2.3 generates an incorrect directory structure for a memory device created using the Create Custom Part feature.

Consequently, when the GUI is re-opened, the custom memory part is not visible.

This is also the case for previously created custom parts.


This issue is resolved in MIG v3.0.

To work around this issue, you have to manually copy the custom_part folder from the project path directory to the "projectpath/tmp/_cg/" directory after opening the GUI. 

After implementing this work-around, the custom part is visible and can be re-customized as needed.  

NOTE: This work-around does not work for batch mode because the CORE Generator tool deletes the files in the "projectpath/tmp/_cg/" directory during generation.

AR# 31590
Date 07/23/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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